Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Another perfect day!!!

So what constitutes a perfect day?  To be alive.....have a project to work on.....aches and pains at a minimum......(this is the only down side to getting older)......and gathering with friends to share our love of quilting.  I believe the majority of days are near perfect.

There were five of us who gathered in Gaylyn's gorgeous
home.  Isn't this a lovely presentation? I do believe Martha Stewart would approve.  It definitely felt special.

Diane brought bagels.

Left to right, Gaylyn, Diane, and most of Barbara.

Leslie and I.

I love this quilt showcasing rows of houses.  I've decided to start making one house per day.  I have another quilt I'm working on that I sew 2 blocks per day and then I have my hand work.  What a way to spend a perfect day!

"How we travel is at least as important as reaching the destination.  Some people believe getting there is all that really matters.  But in the process, they bypass some of the most important stuff."
-Ben Behunin


  1. What a great way to spend a day! I totally agree with your quote too. I had a friend that said there are two kinds of quilters: ones who are overjoyed with getting them done AND ones that enjoy the process of making quilts. She was the former, I am the latter.

  2. Yes I also love that house quilt--and will be waiting to see your house blocks as you create them--I keep saying I want to make a house quilt--but--haven't gotten to it yet!!
    And you and your friends look like you had a great time--
    enjoy, di

  3. I like all quilts, but this of the little homes, I Love!!!!

  4. Eleanor Kay HunzingerFebruary 28, 2018 at 3:44 PM

    Can you share the measurements for that little house. It would be fun to make.