Thursday, March 1, 2018

To love and be loved.... the greatest joy on earth, and is very helpful in having
having a perfect day.  I've been busily thinking about what constitutes a perfect day while I've been working on my quilting today.

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to make a house each day.  Well, I made one last evening and 2 today.  They are just so quick and easy, I couldn't resist.

And....I made these two blocks for my summer quilt I am working on.  I may start making more, so that I can get it completed by market. I haven't stopped to count, but I'm quite certain that I have over half of the quilt made.

I continue creating these blocks, and almost have the fourth row done and ready to attach.  When we met yesterday for our quilt group gathering, we decided to work on this quilt together.  We swapped fabrics, and everyone got a great start on their first block.  Should be memorable as well as fun!

Leslie, shared her little three inch stars, from the pattern a star a day.  I ordered a pattern today which includes the templates, so that I might start making one of these stars every day also.  The stars are hand pieced.  Life is full!  Tonight I teach at Quilts Etc., and I look forward to seeing and visiting with the 10 women taking the ongoing class.

"Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom.  It changes night to day.  It helps you see the sunshine even when you are in the darkest of storms.  It opens your heart and mind and eyes."  -Ben Behunin ....Very helpful in having a perfect day! :-)


  1. Wonderful blocks, quilts, love all the colors! Perfect quote.....thanks so much for your blog!!!

  2. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern for the quilt that you have swapped fabrics with your is the second from the bottom, the circle/petals? Thanks so it!!

  3. Any day you can pick up needle and thread makes for a perfect day! I really really like your plan to stitch a house a day - I may just do that also. You are true inspiration to me, and for that, I thank you! HUGS... and stitches