Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A day spent at a museum.....

Before I begin sharing about the marvelous day we spent on Saturday with Chad and Abbie......I need to apologize about my petty complaining about the weather.  I believe that when we complain about something, we need to endeavor to make changes about what we've complained about.  I do not believe anytime in the future, I will be able to change the weather patterns....so, I aim to not complain about the weather, that is petty and boring!

The museum we visited is called the Leonardo.  Many exhibits rotate through this museum.  This particular one is about flight.

Generally speaking one does not connect Leonardo Da Vinci with flight.  

I love learning something new, and this museum started out before the wright brothers, through present day.  It was exciting for me to pass through the time tunnel and watch the landing on the moon for the first time.

Imagination and a creative spirit does make things happen.

If I had a grandchild which lived by, I'd for sure visit the museum with them.  All of the children we saw throughout the museum, were having the time of their life!

The children were enjoying climbing up in to the cockpit of the plane, and then there was a slide passing from the belly of the plane.  Dads, Moms and kids alike were using it.

None of us were aware as to how many rivets were in the outer exterior of the plane.......made me consider Rosie the Riveter and her labor during the second world war.

Do you remember when flight attendants dressed and looked like this?

For anyone local, it really is worth your time......and there is an amazing little French café directly across the street, called the Les Madeline.

"No one can truly appreciate the value of a seed until he's planted a garden and watched it grow." -Ben Behunin

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  1. I would love to visit hat museum! I'm reading a book about Leonardo as we speak. He was also very interested in implements of war. Fascinating.