Thursday, March 29, 2018

A sunny day.....

...and what a joy it is!

More from our visit to Quilters Attic.  The design by Kathy Schmidt was fabulous!  The highlight is the beautiful embroidery in the center.  I also thought that the 4 corner blocks are the perfect accent to finish the border.....baskets with the floral print.

This well stocked store has something for everyone.  We all left with packages.

They offer a nice selection of wool.  If you are traveling on I 15 heading north out of Salt Lake City, make sure to check out this lovey shop.

Before leaving, I couldn't help but take a picture of the sweet elephants on the cover of this book.

I thought I'd share this paragraph from a book I've been enjoying, by Marjorie Hinckley.  It's a valuable exercise to close your eyes every once in a while and think, what is the most wonderful moment I have lived through during the past year. It might be part of a grand event or a very simple moment, perhaps a brief interaction with another person.  The grand or the simple, it doesn't matter.  Just the remembering will lift your spirits, and warm feeling will fill your soul."

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