Monday, March 19, 2018

Our snow has quickly.....

disappeared and the sun is shining.  So, all is looking good!  We have enjoyed a quiet and restful week end.  Even found time to do some cooking.  

Bruce put on his Ireland apron, and together we put a scrumptious smelling dinner is the oven.  He will be delivering his dad to the house any minute.

I took this tulip quilt out in my endeavor to welcome Spring.  It is a quilt I made years ago, by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  I'm very fond of the pink and yellow combination used in this quilt.

The amber gold fabric which I used for the stars, has been one of my all time favorite fabric.  I believe it may no longer abides in my stash.

I made a change from the original design, by using 4 different fabrics in the background behind the tulips.  I've always found this helpful in centering the design.

Grandpa has now arrived so I will stop here....more tomorrow.

"Gratitude is a social emotion.  It points our warmth and goodwill out towards others."
-Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone

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