Monday, April 2, 2018

Blue skies and sunshine.....

What a gorgeous week end we had.  Easter was celebrated under blue skies, warm temperatures and delicious food which Abbie and Chad prepared .  

This scrumptious brunch entre' was eggs that were poached in a homemade and flavorful red sauce, with a side of potatoes friend with onion and garlic.  It is one of my favorite ......and so dear Abbie made it for me!  This was accompanied with hot tortillas and a green salad.  I love good food, especially when I do not need to prepare it.

For desert, almond scones with fresh berries......what could be finer!!!

I finished this quilt top and it is now being quilted, and should be finished this week.  Then to bind it and write the pattern.  It will be available soon.  This quilt was such a pleasure tp make.  I miss working on it.

A close up look.

This small quilt on the back of the bench is home now and I'm pleased about that.  The sun adds a cheerful and charming look when I walk into this room.  The design is called, We All Need a Little Sunshine.

This is the first spring this table runner has been home for me to use.  It is called Spring Flowers.  Both of these designs are in the book Quilt Mania published of my designs.

I've continued making a house a day, and my house village is growing......and besides, they make me happy.  As to the progress on the 3 inch stars, I haven't met my objective of hand sewing one a day.

I picked up this little project again, and have finished quilting it over the week end, so now all I have to do is bind it.

Don't look too closely at my hand quilting as it leaves much to be desired, but I find joy in hand quilting, besides it is peaceful.

I've also been busy making more Joy In the Morning kits.  Here you see the alternate blocks cut out for the kits.  Even though it is time consuming to cut out the blocks, it saves me from buying several bolts of fabric, and I find it very soothing.

I manage to stay busy, but I am blessed to work at what I enjoy.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop- The Lion and the Mouse

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  1. Love the quilts and want to purchase the pattern.