Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I've been M.I.A......

....over the past week end we developed a dysfunction with our computer.  At last it is back in action.  The computer and I do not have a harmonious working relationship at best.  I'm always worried that when It is returned, that something will be different to throw me off.  So far, I'm happy to report that all seems well.

I've been occupied however, and some new patterns should be ready very shortly.  The photos have been taken and the patterns are in the pipeline.

Completed!  I'm just a bit sad, because I enjoyed working on this quilt so very much!  The journey was just splendid....

Karen, the very talented lady who quilted this did a marvelous job.  Her creativity in quilting has accented the piece in the nicest way.

I couldn't be more pleased.  I while back someone suggested a name for this quilt to be the Virginia Reel.  I love that and believe that I will choose this for the name.  Please, who ever suggested that name, please email me so that you will receive the first pattern.  After researching the Virginia Reel, I can see the participants of the dance done in a circular fashion similar to the design is this quilt.  All of the petals resembling the colorful gowns of the dancers.

Karen quilted this one also, and once again the quilting is remarkable.

This pattern will soon be available.  Notice, no Y seams.

This one will be called the Front Porch Quilt.

And, this wool piece......which will be called Bird Song.  Wool on cotton, and 23 inches square.

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." Marcus Aurelius


  1. Love all of the new quilts. So many quilts, not enough hours in the day.

  2. Love, love, love your new quilts especially Front Porch Quilt. It really speaks to me in a special way. Great job to you and your quilter!

  3. OHHH Ohhh--I love all those quilts--you did a beautiful job creating each one ( and lovely quilting by Karen--)
    I really am in love with all three of them--
    enjoy, di