Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Inspirational women......

Another exhibit at the quilt show which I attended this past week-end, was devoted to strong women who made a difference.

I enjoyed so very much to be reminded of these women, and their contribution to the world.  There will be many more for me to share with you......I hope you to will be inspired by them.  Even if we are never in the lime light, we all can make a huge difference, right in our own communities and circle of influence.

"We are all cells in the body of humanity, all of us, all over the world.  Each one has a contribution to make, and will know from within what this contribution is."
- Peace Pilgrim

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  1. It’s a great post! I always try to do my better even if in my little circle and community. Take inspiration from great women it’s a valuable thing to do!
    Thanks for share your thoughts with us!
    Rina, from Sicily.