Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Let me tell you......

......just how savvy, clever, gifted, and smart my nephew Scott is.   I've been having technical difficulty with my I-Pad, and I find myself lost without it.  I spent a couple of hours with the person at the Apple Store and left without any solutions.  I called Scott, who lives in South Dakota, and per video call, he solved the problem!!!!  I am a very happy camper!!!!  I have a spring to my step, and wind beneath my get the drift?  :-)  

This new little quilt has once again been beautifully quilted.  Tomorrow the photo will be taken for the pattern, and it will soon be available.  Tomorrow a few of us ladies are once again taking the day to have fun......they are interested in making these baskets and are on the lookout for fabric....  The last time we went , one of our friends was having surgery, so we are doing a rerun.

A few more museum photos.  I'd love to be the owner of this vintage quilt.

Once upon a time!  I always enjoy looking at things from this time frame.  Sometimes I think that perhaps I was born in the wrong time frame.  But then again......

This was a display of tatting and croquet.....just amazing.

When my sister was first married, and moved to a large farm house in Illinois, She made a huge braided rug for her hard wood floors in her living room.  She visited second hand stores and bought wool, stripped it and braided it and then sewed it together with heavy thread.  It has held up beautifully for years.  Don't get in the way of a determined woman wanting to make her house into a home.

"The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been kindness, beauty and truth." -Albert Einstein


  1. Love the new quilt you made...It's a beauty 💖💖

  2. I thought that quilt looked good before, but now that it's quilted it's even better. I really like the leaves and berries that continue along the border.