Monday, July 30, 2018

Counting Down

The time is fast approaching when I will be leaving for California.  Bruce and I will head for California on Tuesday.  He will drive with me and then fly back the following morning.  We will make the trip over 2 days as to enjoy some time together.  I will first be teaching 2 classes at Grand Country Quilters and then on to Huntington Beach for a trunk show and to teach a class.  I'm looking forward to all of this activity and to reunite with old friends and make new acquaintances.  Then I will travel home with some California friends. and leave the following morning to travel to Missouri.  There will be 6 California ladies and myself traveling in 2 different cars to Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit.  I've been busily preparing things for these events, and I still have a few things to accomplish!

Kim Teagar, a science teacher from Kansas, and a passionate quilter shared this picture of Remember the Giver.  She expanded on the design and added the second black border, and added some additional flowers in one of the borders.  Take notice to the bee skeps quilted in the black border...….along with many bussing bees.  What an inspiration this quilt is!

I'm taking you back to Holland, Michigan and the uplifting day we spent there.  I wanted to share with you the message on my shirt.
I love wearing this.

These photos are from a little shop we browsed through on the beautiful Main street.

There were many words to live by featured in this shop.  They lifted our thoughts and mood as we browsed through the shop.

And, notice the little sign also, "Do more of what makes you happy."

This lovely Main street features many of these types of statuaries.
This one of the children saluting and honoring the flag was just too precious!

When you approached these of the musicians, music started playing...…..way cool!

After visiting here it was easy to understand why they were presented with this award.

We also took a stroll through a thrift shop...….we find it hard to pass these by, you never know when you might find an unclaimed gem!

"One day it just clicks.  You realize what's important and what isn't.  You learn to care less about what others think of you and more about what you think of yourself.  You realize how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover.  You are truly proud of yourself and the person you've fought to become."

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