Friday, July 27, 2018

I checked out the calendar.....

…….and was shocked to determine that July is almost over.  I was checking to see how many days I have until I leave for my next teaching engagements.  I have 2 in California and then on to Missouri to the wonderful retreat at Quilter's Station.  I look so forward to visiting this amazing shop, and gathering with quilters.

This evening I teach at Quilt's Etc., so I will try to squeeze in a post for tomorrow.  I am anxious to see how many blocks the ladies have completed for the Virginia Reel.

We visited a shop called The Hen House while in Michigan.  If you were looking for the perfect shirting, there was an abundance of choices!

I always love it when a store has samples.

The Marshall House in Marshall, Michigan was another shop we visited.  I've never completed a pineapple quilt, but this one certainly has beautiful soft colors.  That blue is a beautiful  shade.

The Marshall house also carried wool.  This design by Maggie Bonnanomi, is one of my favorite….Henny Penny.

There was a great selection of reproductive thirties fabric.  There was something for every taste and all was arranged in a wide open light setting.

This is another traditional pattern which I've always admired.

Colorful and cheery.

After this visit, Rebecca took us to lunch and home made ice cream on the way home.  After this full day, we returned to Grand Rapids and my trunk show.

"Life is about balance.  Be kind but don't let people take advantage of you.  Trust but don't be deceived.  Be content but never stop improving yourself."

I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying the summer days.


  1. Those applique blocks are gorgeous by Kaffe Fassett. I just requested that book "Bold Blooms" from my local library. I discovered they have LOTS of Kaffe's books. Lucky me!

  2. Omg all those shirtings! Could you buy me a 1/2 yard of each please?;-)
    I LOVE that muted pinapple quilt.

  3. That is quite a selection of shirtings--Did I see a Lady of the Lake quilt? Looks like a great shop. Enjoy Quilters Station--it is a great shop.