Monday, December 3, 2018

We have a winter wonderland.......

The snow has been gently falling all day.  These Oak trees right off our deck, do not drop their leaves until Spring.  So we need to keep the snow knocked off so that the limbs don't break.

I love it all!!

I've been going through my scraps ands cutting 1 inch strips to make these little 10 inch quilts.  They have given me a good excuse to do some hand quilting.  Everything about this project is contentment!

I think it will make nice candle mats.

I have a few more quilts from our quilting time at Barbara's.  This is her version of a house quilt

Barbara made these amazing home made granola bars.  I loved them and came home with the recipe.  What a great treat to have with my coffee in the morning.

This blue and white quilt was a real hit with us, especially with the saw tooth border.  With Barbara's fabulous hand quilting, this will be a stunning quilt.

Atrip to Barbara's quilting room is always a fabulous experience.

A little snails trail.

And these tiny little courthouse steps in this quilt just blew us away!  And then all of the hand quilting just makes my heart sing.

New hand pieced blocks hanging on her design wall.  But my very favorite is the little house quilt off to the lower right.  The alternate blocks has the alphabet stenciled on them.  Just pure sweetness!

Here you can see it better.

I made a quilt with these blocks.  Barbara and I both took a hand piecing class many moons ago and we both made these.  This is the quilt my niece recently chose.

This is another amazing quilt tops which Barbara has finished.  It is called Kansas Twister, made from thirties.  She is considering how she wants to quilt it.

I've been inspired the last couple of days remembering the life of President Bush.  It's been so refreshing hearing of his humility and love of country...….and his faith and love of family.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
-John F Kennedy

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