Monday, January 7, 2019

A New Day........

…….and with it a fresh start!  Exciting prospects ahead.

Over the past week, I made 9 kits for this quilt, which was named by one of my blog readers, Country Crossroads.  The pattern will either be finished tomorrow or Tuesday, and then you will find it on my blog under large patchwork quilts.  It is only the stars in the posts which are appliqued.  The quilt is mainly made up of plaids and woven home spuns, many of them Diamond Textiles.  The fabric I used for the large sashing is an old Japanese fabric from my stash which is no longer available.  So I found A Diamond Textile which is just as wonderful, and oh so close.

I took a few pictures of the some of the individual blocks, before my husbands arms fell asleep from holding the quilt so long.

I have decided that week ends are for working on my projects and for reading.  Kit making is for during the week.  I finished 3 new pot holder blocks.  Honestly, this has been such an enjoyable project.  Someone mentioned to me that they hate doing bindings.  Let me say when you are only binding a 6 inch block it is much more enjoyable.  Then you change pace and either piece a new little log cabin or a little applique block out of wool.  So far I have only used a little cotton.

I hope you are all staying warm.  We have a real cold spell!  Down in the low teens at night and in the 20's during the day.

For sometime I have been looking for my Silent Night quilt.  So it was announced on the wool applique group on Face Book, and it was found within 45 minutes of the announcement.  The quilt was found at a fantastic shop in Massachusetts, when a member of the group saw the announcement and called the quilt shop near where she lives.  A joyous ending to this story!  And if you are not a member of this group of near 20,000 members of wool applique enthusiasts, you should check it out.  There is always something inspiring posted in this group.  It's important to always find fresh inspiration.

"Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks." 
-Johann Gottfried Von Herder


  1. Your little potholders are so sweet -- especially love the cardinal block!

  2. Norma - I love both of these! I’ve had a huge stash of homespuns for years and am thinking this will be a good project for using them. Will definitely be getting that pattern when it’s available. And is there a pattern for the potholder quilt? I’ve heard that term for a while but now having seen your project, I understand why it’s called that. Are the finished blocks just handstitched together after binding? This one is just precious and I probably need it too! So many temptations - and of course, not enough time.

  3. I agree - weekends should be spent reading and enjoying your own projects. Both of these quilts are so pretty. Do you put together your potholders into a quilt, or are you waiting until you finish them?

  4. So beautiful! Will you be selling the kits on your website too?