Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A New Year........

I love the idea of a fresh new start!  But then I often think that in the morning when I wake up...….a new day with new opportunity.  And then I think that thought every Sunday...….a fresh new week lies ahead.  Life is just so full of new opportunities.  I love this quote by Anne Frank, "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet."

I've been enjoying days full of reading and stitching, and then getting together with friends and family. I love my life!

Here are the first two rows of pot holder blocks sewed together.  I decided it would be best to sew them together as I go, so that I'm not left with all of the blocks at the end to sew together.

So far so good. The first step will be to sew them together into rows, and then attaching a finished row to the next row etc.  I first took a few stitches at the intersection of the blocks, making sure that they would match up correctly.  This worked well.

A marvelous surprise arrived in the mail.  I love it so very much!  I just need to get it stuffed now.  I think I want to use some walnut shell to weight it.  Julie Kursave has been busily doing counted cross stitch and this came from her.  I will treasure it.

I will be teaching this at Bryce Canyon the first week of February.  So I put a few kits together for this class.

Here they are all lined up.

Next on my list is to make kits for Flag Day as I will be teaching this at Cedar City the last week of January.  This retreat at Cedar City is such a fun occasion.  Many of my California friends are coming, and I so look forward to spending time with them.

I will also be teaching the Winter Banner .

I will be teaching this quilt at Panguitch, Utah  in June.  So this is also on my list to kit.  Some have contacted me that they would like a kit for this, and I have flagged your email with your request, so I will let you know when these are ready.

Field of Flowers is a project I will be teaching in St George in May, so this is on my to do list too!

Fly Away, will be another class I will teach in St George, along with Love Shared.  So I see full busy days ahead of me.  It is a joy when what you love is your work.

Woodland Visitors will be taught in Panguitch also.  These are all great retreats so good days are out in front of me!!  And then retreats mean quilters and friendship.  What a privileged life I live.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. I so love your kits and have Home is Best that I can't wait to make.

  2. Oh my goodness--you have a busy year ahead already--lots of adorable projects! Happy New Year!

  3. Is there a pattern for your pot holder blocks?