Thursday, August 15, 2019

A quilt store we visited.....

…… in Minneapolis, Kansas.  The store in called, No Place Like Home.  The story behind the name is, Karalee, the owner and her husband moved from Minneapolis to Utah to raise their children, and then returned to Minneapolis, Kansas.  They love this Kansas town so much, they returned.  We found the town very inviting as we drove through.  Cute houses, and a great quilt store.  I always gage if I could live some place, by the proximity of a quilt store.

We were passing all of these wonderful houses, when I decided to put down my sewing and capture a few of them on my I pad.


This one was our favorite!

127 Main Street.

The porch wrapping around the side of the house would accommodate some front porch sitting!

The store was large and spacious and full of beautiful fabric.

Quilts to provide inspiration.

Jo Morton fabric.

Whatnot Club by Kim Diehl.

Karalee's sewing station while at the shop.

A place to entertain the little ones..... notice the red shoes on the door mat of the house.

My fabric purchase from the sale fabric.

Before leaving, our friend Karolee, discovered that the owner of the store was also a Karolee.  They posed for a photo.  We were so delighted with this stop.  On to Kansas Troubles!

"I think we're here for each other."
-Carol Burnett

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