Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Free Shipping......

I forgot to mention in the comments I made about where you can purchase the design wall someone asked about.  The source has commented that she has free shipping.

I am kind of making these days the lazy days of summer.  After being gone so long prior to now, I'm finding myself spending extra time reading.  I do sew some every day, but I do not feel motivated or pressed to accomplish something every day.

Karen Whitmeyer at Grand Country Quilts has taught a class on my design called, Cottage Garden.  She does beautiful work.  I took a few close ups of her work while I taught there.

She has taken my design and made it extraordinary!  Now they will soon be starting a class on the potholder quilt.

"Friends feed each other's spirits and
dreams and hopes; They feed each other with the things a soul needs to live."
-Glen Harrington-Hall

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  1. Beautiful quilt! The design is beautiful and the extra details made it truly special. Love the quote at the end too!