Friday, August 9, 2019

Enjoying cooler weather.......

……. plus we had a visit from my nephew and his wife who live in Washington state near the Canadian border.  We shared much laughter and good foods, and caught up on each others life.  What an unexpected pleasure it was!

About the design walls..... I will give the information that was sent to me.  Martha Settles in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa makes them.  Her web site is,

This is a marvelous new table runner created by Maggie Bononami.
I LOVE it.  Grand Country Quilters in San Marcos will be selling kits for it in the near future.  If you are interested, give them a call and they will put you on their list to receive one.  Their number is 760-471-1114.  It is just spectacular!

This is on my to do list!  So many beautiful things to make and so little time.

Their shop is not large, but it is one of my favorite.  I love the warm cozy feeling that abides.  And I love all of these women so much!

The classroom is not large, but we managed to have 14 of the finest working on The Blockade Quilt, which was a design inspired by an old quilt Barbara Braakman shared in one of her Civil War books.

In no time, the ladies were finishing their stars, and we started hanging them on the quilt.

This is one of the acquisitions which Julie found at the first antique store we stopped at.  How sweet is a simple nine patch!?

This quilt was in excellent condition, and all hand quilted.

The back wonderfully displays all of the beautiful quilting stitches!
There is something quite amazing about hand quilting.  I think it would be so lovely to gather around a quilting frame with friends and spend a day of hand quilting.

I don't know how many of you have read, 'Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall.  It was published in 1907.  I found myself browsing through it once again, as I've been sorting through books.  I've managed to part with several, but it hasn't been easy.

Anyway, I want to share an excerpt from the book. "Some folks has albums to put folks' pictures in to remember 'em by, and some folks has a book and writes down the things that happens every day so they won't forgit 'em," says Aunt Jane to her niece.  "Honey, these quilts is my albums and my di'ries ...There ain't nothin like a piece o' caliker for bringing back old times."
The book was written just the was Aunt Jane would have expressed herself.  A great read.


  1. I have that Aunt Jane book somewhere in my collection -- I'll have to look for it again. Great quote! And my favorite quote of the day is from you: "So many beautiful things to make and so little time."

  2. Aunt Jane of Kentucky is a free book on Kindle.