Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A bright new day.....

Know this: You can start over each morning. 

An inspiring thought for a new day! :-)

I will take you back to the retreat and share with you some of the amazing stitchery patterns by La-D-Da.  There are always designers of cross stitch at this retreat.  In this photo are 2 of Shawn Williams punch needle designs.  I love it all.

Her designs were all so very tempting...…. one of each please!

Awake my soul and Sing...…. what a beautiful sentiment.

A few designs for Halloween were available.  As for me I purchased the one called Virtue.  Not too big, and hopefully not to difficult.

Aren't all of these just so charming and lovely.  I hope I'm able to get the ones I purchased, completed.

"The way is long - Let us go together.
The way is difficult - let us help each
other.  The way is joyful -let us share it. The way is ours alone - let us go in love.
- Joyce Hunter

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  1. I love both of the pin keeps in the next-to-last photo. The sentiments & designs are beautiful.