Friday, July 19, 2013

Deer Frolic

These little fawns were visiting in the back yard today.......this is as close as I could get to take a picture.  Later in the day we watched them playing with their mother.  She would chase them around a garden shed, and then stop and then they would reverse and run the other way with Mom in pursuit.  It was simply the cutest thing to observe. Later a baby nursed for awhile as it's sibling watched.

There are black squirrels here.  I've never seen a black one before.  The three dogs are fascinated by them. It will no doubt be interesting for them to watch.

Today we visited the law school and Chad bought a bunch of books.  He needs to have approximately 400 hundred pages read and a paper written by the first day of school.

Tomorrow I plan on getting a picture of the has just been such a busy time.

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