Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dawn Arrived Safely...

And we got to work....but not before having some lunch.  She is an organized gal, she needs to be as she did 24 shows last year, but has decided to cut back a bit this year.  We arrived home in the evening where my husband had prepared dinner for us.....yes he's a great guy!  However, there was no desert, so we went out for hot fudge sundaes......:-))  Bruce has the habit of declining those kinds of things, saying he's watching his waist line.  Well, that thought doesn't enter my mind when it comes to ice cream.
Dawn dies beautiful wool under the name of Sew Cherished, and the wool absolutely is to be cherished....also, this owl is one of her designs.  Notice the great stitching on the owl.

Isn't this pumpkin great?  Once again notice the stitching.....

Now, here's the good news!!  Dawn has come up with the marvelous stitching guide.  Thirty five different stitches on water soluble stitch guides.  What a clever thing!!

Here is a peel off the back and there is a sticky surface that will adhere to where you want to stitch.  After your project is stitched, just submerse it in water in your sink, and then lay it flat to dry.  Very clever.  I'm thinking how cute these stitches would have been on the crazy pieced snowman pillow of mine called...Tidings of Joy.  Now I want to dream up a project to use these.
"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have".  -Jim Rohn
I hope to have more goodies to share with you tomorrow.


  1. What a unique idea for crazy stitching. Glad you are blending business and pleasure.

  2. How does one get the pumpkin pattern? Cute!

  3. Same question ... how to obtain pumpkin pattern & the stitching guide of 35 patterns????