Monday, June 16, 2014

Home Again......

Nothing compares to the comforts of home. Our girls trip was a real delight, but I've a new appreciation for my bed.  I hardly know where to start.  We picked up a van at the airport in the morning, because we didn't arrive in the city of brotherly love until 11:30 the night before....and the first thing on the agenda was breakfast...... Part of a successful vacation is the food!  We found our way to the city center and all of the historical sites.  We enjoyed ourselves wandering about through history.  I have a few photo's of the Betsy Ross house.

Her sewing room looks a bit like mine most of the time!  A lot going on...

   I just love the cozy feeling of the room.  Notice the quilt on the table by the chair.

Betsy's bed and I love the picture below with the flag.


And here we are...with smiles on our faces!  We did not spend that much time in Philadelphia.....we had lunch at the Reading Terminal and then headed for Gettysburg....and that is a story for another day.
"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75".    Benjamin Franklin
We visited his grave.....what an extraordinary man.  More tomorrow......I need to get busy as I have dead lines lurking.


  1. We've missed you - Welcome back and thanks for the lovely pictures!

  2. Love the photos! I would have had a difficult time walking away from that gorgeous black chair in the first photo. It is so beautiful and elegant.

  3. Missed you but knew you were enjoying a break with friends. The Betsy Ross House is so tiny, but beautiful...I love all the wonderful history in Philly. Hugs, Ann in PA

  4. Ann, you were an excellent travel planner for us......thank you. Hugs back!