Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life is Good...

Last evening, Chad and Grandpa came to dinner.  We've decided to make this a weekly event.  Grandpa is alone cooking for himself and Chad is alone on Tuesday evenings as Abbie teaches on  Tuesday evenings.  This will be fun, and will no doubt create good memories......good ones.  Last evening we had a turkey breast with the trimmings......then we put together a few patterns.  Grandpa enjoys helping out.  Also, he ended up being a quilt holder for the following quilt as it was just too large for Bruce to master.
Jan Patek is the designer of this quilt, and I made it several years ago while we were still doing
her Girl Gang.  This quilt slipped by without a label....shame on me.  I'd better practice what I preach.  I enjoy switching out my quilts so that they are not tucked away forgotten.
A few close ups.


This is the quilt folded up on my bench on yesterdays photos. I believe it is called Roman Stripes.  The inspiration for this quilt came when I went on a bus trip hosted by Bonnie Miles in 1998.  She took us to Sister's Oregon.  I won a set of nine patch blocks on that trip, and I will remember to show you the quilt I made out of them tomorrow.

I've been busy sewing and creating, maybe one of these days I will have something to show you.
My friend Shanna sent me this poem yesterday, and I thought I would share it with you.
Life is a quilt...
Years bound together,
Embellished with family and friends,
Backed with tradition,
Stitched with love.
With cornerstones placed carefully,
To create a one of a kind...
Journey through life.


  1. I love the bee hives and birdie sunflowers!!! I'm afraid that I would keep this one out all year round!

  2. You Girl Gang quilt is just beautiful! I love your use of plaids on this quilt - it really is beautiful!!

  3. I thought that was a Jan Patek design. Love your version. I am a big Jan Patek fan.