Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The pictures continue....

Good Morning! Today it's a bit about our extracurricular activities.  Our first evening we walked to Little Italy.  We were over whelmed by all of the enticing choices.

We started out with a yummy salad......we shared.  Abbie is taking pictures to send to Chad.

And all kinds of yumminess!
We ate light, because of what you see below.  The restaurant had a long case filled with dessert items which we observed on the way in......there was a steady stream of people coming to purchase.

They felt that the Tiramisu wedge was too small so they gave us a second.  Well, to make this story short, we took half of it home to tuck a way in our fridge to finish another evening.

Another day we took the trolley to Old Town for some good Mexican food.  Because we were so hungry, we forgot to take pictures of our food, so instead we took a selfie!

We were always happy to see the sign of our hotel......home on the road.  It was a lovely little boutique hotel with an abundance of history.
I had been admiring this quilt as we came and went at the quilt show.....and then I asked the price, and it was affordable.

It is all hand quilted.  This is truly a lesson in making do.......nothing wasted.  It reminds me of the quote from a pioneer woman's journal, "I make quilts as fast as I can to keep my family warm and as pretty as I can to keep my heart from breaking".  I don't believe this was a fast accomplishment, however.
And.....this Court House steps quilt came to stay at my house too.
This one just makes my heart sing. It has some wear, but I intend to treat it carefully and just enjoy looking at it.  It will not be tucked away in a safe place.....I want it hanging over my open stair case rail.  It will not be exposed to sun.  And I will love the warmth it brings into my home.
"Today, pick your own pace and your own path.  We all need a day to slow down, regroup and recharge."      -unknown
Now for the winners:
Linda Frihart
Jayne Cartier
Sue Singer
..send me your selection, the book is off limits, and include your address please.  It is time to start entering for October.


  1. Looks like you're having a wonderful time!

  2. San Diego is one of my favourite city's to visit. I love Little Italy, I usually dine at Fillipi's Pizza Grotto, found it by accident and love to go back each time I visit.

    Your salad and desserts look good.

    Congratulations on your lovely quilt,it would bein my suitcase if I had been there. Your courtyard steps quilt is also lovely..what a great adventure to share with your daughter. My mom and I drove to the San Diego quilt show many years ago and we also had a lovely time. Cherish those memories.