Thursday, October 2, 2014

This barn has 3 levels.....

.....And it was full. Lucky us to be inspired by their loveliness.

Heart and Home by Nancy Flamm.

Cherry Jubilee by Trudy Shipp

Close up of the delightful border.

Scrappy S'mores by Pam Pierce.

Apples to Apples by Nancy Flamm.

Stars over S Jordon by Nancy Van Slooten.


My All American Porch Pillow by Pam Pierce.

Stars and Striped by Nancy Flamm.

Life is Beautiful by Nancy Flamm.  This absolutely charming quilt has an abundance of detail.  Nancy saw this quilt at a train station while in Amsterdam, and just new she needed the pattern, and tracked it down to a designer in Australia.

A few close ups of the blocks.  I'd have loved to get a photo of each one, but there were too many people surging all about.


I still have many more quilts to share with you in the days to come.
I think summer has exhausted it's charm and now is ready to let fall step in to take its place. The chill air stirs a hunger for soups and comfort food. I think I will be putting a pot of chicken soup on to simmer and make the house smell delicious and cozy. Enjoy your day in every way possible!
"You teach the life you live".   -Togo D West Jr.


  1. That was a fabulous quilt show, Norma. Thanks so much for sharing all those photos. There's definitely a chill in the air here on Vancouver Island, still some sunny days, but I feel as you do. Time for soup and comfort food. Perhaps some split pea soup.

  2. We are indeed lucky to be inspired by all these quilts. Thank you so much for sharing.