Friday, October 3, 2014

This is no ordinary barn....

....Not anything like the barn on the farm where I grew up.  In fact I could move right in to this barn.
A view from up above....the mantel of the fireplace overflowing with autumn splendor.

The wonderful and unique chandelier decorated as well....all so lovely.

These photos were taken from the third level.

Hocuspocusville made by Kara Southwick.

Beautiful embroidery!

Feathers and Logs made by Dolores Montoya Taylor

French Fabrics on point by Rita Grider.

The complementary border fabric.

Dumpster Diving Explosion or Omigosh by Charlene Nelson.  Tiny scraps unused.

Shepherds in the Fields by Nancy Van Slooten.  The pattern designer is Nancy Halverson.

Merry, Merry Snowman made by Rhonda Montgomery.

Ring in the New made by Marj Thueson.  It is a Kathy Schmitz embroidery design.

Happy Jack by Lorraine Day.

A boys story by Margo Ward.

Funky Floral by Jeanette Martin.

Bubble Blossoms by Trudy Shipp.  This has been on my to do list for ever so long.

A great border for a sweet and charming quilt.

Just so sweet it found it's way on here twice!  :-)
With cooler weather we are once again sleeping beneath a quilt.  I'm here to tell you that it is the very best sleep.  Nothing finer!
I've been busy creating, and once this quilt show comes to its conclusion I will share with you.  The time is drawing near, when I will have baby news and we are getting soooooo excited.
"We need love's tender lessons taught
As only weakness can;
God hath his small interpreters;
The child must teach the man."
-John Greenleaf Whittier


  1. Gorgeous quilts!! I especially loved the Buds in a Basket quilt as I am in the process of making it...and NOW I know how I want to quilt it!! Thank you!

  2. Beautifully decorated barn and the quilts are amazing! So much beauty! I am certainly enjoying your posts. Have a great weekend!

  3. I just found your blog via the facebook group, and I am breathless! What an amazing quilt show!!! Beautiful quilts in every way.

  4. Wonderful photos! I certainly agree that is no ordinary barn. Thanks for sharing. Carol

  5. Wow--what a great venue for a quilt show! It's so warm and inviting--I would love to live there too! Every time I see an Ohmygosh quilt, I am so tempted, but so far I've managed to resist--those tiny pieces are a bit scary...