Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Red Rock and Desert.......

Just out side of St George, Utah, you will find red rock cliffs and desert.  We investigated the area called Kayenta......which an area that has been developed so that all of the homes blend into the surroundings.
If you look closely you will see a home that blends into it's surroundings.

It had rained recently and the desert smells were amazing.....the fresh sage smells.

The area has a delightful shopping area....here is an art studio, where the artist was busy at work painting.

Earth and Light Gallery

Horses made by a local artisan from antlers.

Sacred Space Spa.....I would enjoy frequenting this restful and beautiful spa.

Xeneta  Restaurant.

We had brunch inside, and it was scrumptious!!!

A beautifully painted door....

Wind Art Gardens.

If your travels should take you to the St. George area this is definitely a spot that needs investigating.
"We find meaning in life by discovering our gifts, But it is not until we share those gifts with others that our life has purpose."
-Ben Behunin
Drop by tomorrow for the monthly drawing.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. I just can't relate to the scenery because I'm a green and trees and 4 seasons kind of girl but these were beautiful in it's own sort of way. I've been to Salt Lake City several times but I think I have a new destination to consider, thanks. Rita Nichols

  2. LOVE the shops & galleries at Kayenta! Hope you found the maze too.....

  3. Looks like a fascinating place. Glad you had time to explore it!