Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

We woke up to snow this morning......a lot of it!
A magical winter wonderland, especially if you are warm and cozy inside looking out!  At 6:30 A. M. when Bruce left for work he said there was 14 inches.  And it continues to snow.  The skier's will be thrilled.

Wind does not accompany our snow fall, so as you can see it just keeps piling up.  This is not the way our snow came when I lived in Minnesota.

A good soup day!

After my blurb yesterday about slow stitching, I decided it would be a good time to share pictures from the auction that is held every two years to benefit Intermountain Hospital for research.  I'm pleased to be a part of this.  All of these quilts are hand quilted, and the majority of them were quilted around a quilting frame.








Many thousands of dollars was raised.  The ones I have show so far were a part of the silent auction.  There was also a live auction and a lovely dinner was served.  The highest price of a quilt from the live auction went for $6,600.  There were 85 quilts that were sold.
One of the little quilt groups I am a part of made a Winter Wonderland quilt.  We were all very excited when it was held up on the stage for the auction, and all of the crowd reacted with pleasure and ooh's and aah's! :-)
My what a forgetful goose I am!  I forgot to do the drawing for December this past Wednesday.  So today is the day! The winners are-
Debra Gutenson
Dora France
Julie Letvin 
 Please notify me when your pattern selection and include your address please.  Now it will be time to start entering for January.

"Let us see what love can do." -William Penn


  1. Isn't it wonderful that you raised so much for money for such a good cause doing something that you love to do! Loved the snow pictures...so beautiful!

  2. What wonderful quilts and for a great cause! I especially like the baskets and bows quilt. :)

  3. Oh my!! Snow!!! I wish, how I wish we got snow like that! It's just so pretty, does it get much deeper?
    Such beautiful hand made quilts... Loving them lots, especially the alphabet one, it's so colourful. And wow! I read and double read the amount for the highest price a quilt went for!! Goodness!! All raised for such a good cause too :)
    Smiles :)