Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inspiration from Village Dry Goods.....

Village Dry Goods has a small selection of embroidery.....all very nice.  I love counted cross stitch, but have decided you can't do everything that you like.  I already feel like I'm going in circles sometimes.  Focus, Norma.
Houses and the American flag....two of my favorite things!  Then you add needle and thread and you have a winning combination.

I love a Dresden Plate.....

Sweetly, soft and spring like.

This quilts looks wonderfully old and scrappy.....just what appeals to me.  And look at all of those shelves of beautiful fabric.

Just sweet and simple, but so deliciously wonderful.

I've been checking out these awesome little house quilts everyone is making, but I don't understand how that little house stamp works.  Can anyone clue me in?  It would be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone is happily stitching away on something wonderful.  It is just the best way to spend your time.
"Let us see what love can do."  William Penn


  1. I discovered this shop quite some time ago, it is lovely. So much great inspiration.

    I remember going for lunch up the block at Idle Isle I loved their chicken tortilla soup.

    Have a lovely visit.

  2. I love everything about this post..... It makes me smile looking at your photos :)
    Smiles :)