Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This is why.....

......I love to scrounge around antique and thrift shops.  I usually only take the time to do this when I'm on vacation somewhere.  I really rarely find the time when I'm at home.
The lovely embossed plate with the little pink print in the center, I found cheaply while antiquing with Julie in Oregon.  Also the pale yellow depression glass rabbit.  I also found the croqueted piece at another time.  And then I made the little quilt to set it all off for my bedroom.  Every time I look at this little arrangement in my bedroom, it brings a smile.

Now about this scissor is the frogs that were placed in a dish to hold flowers.  This was attached to a sweet candle holder and ooh la la.......a place to hold my scissors.  Yes, I am partial to scissors.  I have more than I need, and that's for sure.  But I prefer scissors to collecting shoes!  :-)  Julie, found a frog that fit on top of an antique jar.  After filling the jar with old button, it made for an attractive scissor holder.
All combined it makes for a pleasant little arrangement.....with memories attached.

Now, to toot the horn of my talented son, who made me this blanket chest.  The top lifts up on hinges, and then he lined the drawer with velvet to hold jewelry.  Ben, makes beautiful custom made furniture, cabinets, or what ever people dream up that they want for their homes.  His business is Craftsman Wood Works and he is located in Ohio.
Today is drawing day, and the three names drawn for today are:
Amanda Harrison
Janel Rhodea
Sky Wiser
Email me with your choice of pattern along with your address.
"You must not ever stop being whimsical.  And you must not, ever, give anyone else responsibility for your life."
-Mary Oliver


  1. You would die to see the pair of scissors I have from when I was in KINDERGARTEN....45 years ago. I like to collect small scissors too...I actually didn't realize it until I read your post...LOL...but I have like, 15! I noticed that beautiful chest....I love how unique it is!

  2. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree, I see. Your son is as talented as his mother!

  3. What a talented son! Looks like I am on the 'look-out' for a glass frog! Genius...and very pretty!

  4. What a lovely peaceful corner filled with memories! Thanks for sharing.