Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Road to California....

As I mentioned earlier, this was my first time to attend Road to California, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I think you would enjoy it.  It is a shoppers paradise for quilters.
There were beautiful quilts hanging from the rafters at the convention center in Ontario, California.....and art quilts lining the halls.  This is the point at which I hyperventilated just a bit.

My condition steadily increased.....I became over whelmed with excitement....

And enthusiasm.....

And the creative juices were flowing! :-)

I captured just a fraction of the amazing quilts that hung in the main entrance hall.

The quilts came from many parts of the United States.

A unique monochromatic quilt with traditional blocks, but set in a modern format.

What an interesting quilt made from bars.

A striking sampler quilt framed by the flying geese.

Gorgeous art quilts...

I especially loved this fox.....

and I loved the many owl quilts.

Isn't he wonderful?
Today is give away day.... the 3 names drawn are -
Anne Bryson
Nancy Miller
Loris Mills
Please email me with your pattern choice, and include your address.
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts:  Therefore, guard accordingly."
-Marcus Aurelius


  1. These are gorgeous quilts - so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! The quilts were wonderful! I hope you got some pictures of your friend's booth! It got my vote for the best vendor at Road last year! I still go back and savour the pictures!

  3. These quilts are really beautiful and inspiring! I haven't made it Road to California yet but need to plan for it. I wonder if the styles of quilts differ any from PIQF (which is the only other big show I've been too). I dream of going to the Houston show someday but maybe I should check out more of what is in my own state first.
    I loved the elephant quilt :-)
    Thank you for the treat!

  4. Road to California is definitely on my bucket list! My neighbor won the most humorous category. She's so talented! Thank you for being so generous. Did you get my email?