Friday, April 8, 2016

My, how time flies.....

.....reminding me that I need to practice living more in the moment.  I'm not certain where this past week went, but here it is Friday once again.

Usually when I visit in Julie, we manage to scrounge through a thrift store.  We both enjoy the hunt.

Another positive thing about thrift shops, it's usually quite entertaining.  Julie has these wee feet......size 5 1/2.  These slippers were just her size.  I encouraged her to purchase them, telling her she would be quite the sensation sporting these!  She declined the suggestion.  I like how they are arranged by the antique china.

There was this vintage hand quilted quilt...

And another one, also hand quilted......mostly likely a group of friends stitching around a quilt frame.

There was this primitive lady.....

.....And some of her friends and relatives.  :-)

A Kind Word Is Never Wasted.

Life is to be time to waste!

An oh so charming bunch of flowers in a unique vase!!

There were quite a few gals hanging out at the shop....all of them with interesting expressions.

Remember when there was a time that we made fancy pillow least I did.  During Minnesota winters, our Mom has us making all sorts of things.  My brother even knit pin cushions.

We create our tomorrows by what we dream today!

Streamline your to do list for the week end and find time to enjoy the ride!

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  1. The DMV lady pretty much insisted on redoing my photo yesterday when the first one turned out looking very similar to the gal seated on the right on the schooldesk seat. She said I looked "intense"! Sweet bunny looks rather terrified too...what in the world are they looking at? Are they seated across from the dressing rooms?