Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What A Relief It Is.....

Market is over once again!  The three days are extremely tiring and we were exhausted most evenings.  The best part about it all, is the reconnecting with friends I have made in the business of quilting.  And, I'm overjoyed about some of the new people I have met which will contribute to my happiness along the journey!

Perhaps I mentioned to you about hosting a dinner for several designers coming to market.  They were sweet ladies who I considered to be my friend, but we hadn't met face to face.  So, on Friday evening we all arrived at our house after the show, where dinner was prepared and awaiting us.  My two daughters and their husbands along with help from Bruce, had spent the day ensuring that the event would be wonderful.  We shared and evening of good food and the best of times!  Friendships were created and good memories placed in our memory banks.

This is Catherine Hughes and Julie Kursave, the 2 friends that stayed with me before market and helped to set up my booth. 
Chad's 6'5" frame and long arms made this an easy job.  In 2 hours we had unloaded at the dock, set up the booth and were on our way home.  I have learned to simplify this process so that helped.

Since 'Sweet and Simple' is now in a book I decided to hang it once again.  Julie plans on doing this as a block of the month next year on Facebook.

The night before market I had a brain storm about using zip ties to attach my wire baskets to this old ladder to hold patterns.  It worked well!

A few different looks at the booth......

Quilts tucked in every crook and cranny.

Happy to be back in my routine stitching and making kits.  We will be launching the Bits and Bobs 2 new items at the end of this month.  We decided to do both June and July together so that we can have a month off for Bruce and I to step back and smell the roses!!

"The ground's generosity takes in our compost and grows beauty.  Look at this.  Try to be more like the ground.  Give back."


  1. Your booth was spectacular! What a thrill it would have been to have poked around in it...filled with Norma Whaley's designs! Doesn't get any better than that!

  2. I could just live in your booth being surrounded with all of your lovely quilts. That spot just says "Home Sweet Home" to me. Hope you get a chance to rest and recover and be inspired to create even more.

  3. Your booth looks very inviting. What a busy week you have had.

  4. Your booth was lovely and really showcased those great quilts. :)

  5. I saw lots of things in your both that I'd love to have!! Glad you and your family will have some quieter time soon.

  6. I would love to do next years block of the. Month...but am not on Facebook. Is there another way I can participate?