Friday, July 8, 2016

The Trunk Show continues...

I absolutely fell madly in love with these red quilts.  Imagine what an amazing statement they would make in a room.  Once again the quilting is outstanding.

The piecing is uncomplicated....they are rather simple blocks....but what a statement they make.

Scrappy and scrumptious!

I noticed that most all of the quilts at The Country Sampler were simple, but they all were very appealing to my sensibilities!  That sounds very Jane Austin doesn't it?

This block is quite similar to the new quilt I am working on, but will look quite differently when it is completed.

This is an adorable little pin keep which one of the ladies at the retreat had......what a treasure.

One of the ladies from nearby came to join us and work on a stitchery project.  She brought these two little accessories with her.  This wooden spool which held her scissors.....notice the little magnet for her needle, and the compact little container to collect her throw away bits and pieces.

On Monday you will have J.J. Stitches in Sun Prairie to look forward to.
You will not be disappointed!
"My crown is in my heart, not on my head, nor
decked with diamonds and Indian stones, nor
to be seen:  My crown is called content:  A crown it is,
that seldom kings enjoy." - William Shakespeare


  1. Oh my goodness! Such beautiful quilts and I love all that red, too! Traditional quilts are the best!

  2. My husband and I were having that very conversation last night, about the wonderful, historic simplicity of the quilts from Country Sampler and how they treat borders as a place for special prints to sing. Yep! Your blog posts have become part of our evening conversation! Now, this evening, Ill be showing him those great tomato reds!
    I'm anxious to see your upcoming Goosey design! The whirling one you shared today is in my pattern stash waiting for me to discover the perfect prints.

  3. Ok I tried to find the pattern on my own but I give up. Do you know the name of the first quilt in this posting? I searched Counrty Samplers site and can't find it. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy!