Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Quilt Show......

I decided to start sharing quilts from an earlier quilt show which I attended in Salt Lake City.

One little surprise in this dynamic modern design.

Celtic Maze
This is an interesting design that is new to me.

Scrap Baskets.

Cabin Stars.

Heart Delay

Memories of Spring

Now What?
This is an amazing quilt.....I've never seen anything quite like it.

It has just occurred to me that I've been cruising right along, and forgot about the drawing which was to be held yesterday.

The 3 names selected are:  Debbie Tingey, Carol Gouveia, and Caren Ryan.  Please email me with your pattern selection and remember to include your address.

"A joy shared is a joy doubled."  -unknown


  1. An amazing show!! BUT that last quilt just blew my socks off! INCREDIBLE!!

  2. I LOVE both Celtic Maze and Now What?! Wonderful colors and movement! Thanks for special eye candy to entertain me while we wait for our flight!

  3. Now What is wonderful--I imagine those circular geese had to be appliqued in place? Very cool quilt!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the Celtic Maze. I think I'm going to draft that one out and make it too! Maybe in purple!!! Or maybe in yellow!!!

  5. I went to HMQS for a day, but spent so much time visiting and shopping I just skimmed the quilts. I don't recall that last one--outstanding! Could you tell if the rings of geese were appliqued on?

  6. Memories of Spring is my pick of these! This is one I'd enjoy stitching. I do like the Now What? quilt too... a ring of flying geese hovering over log cabins... genius! :-)

  7. After a little research I have discovered that the log cabin with circle of geese block is from a pattern named "Osprey's Nest Log Cabin" by Judy Niemeyer. The circle is pieced in. Amazing design! See it at