Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More from Flags ofthe American Revolution.

I will continue with the Old Glory quilt today.  Many of you have asked about the pattern.  In 2007 I was a part of a group who were participating in a Girl Gang group by Jan Patek.  She was doing a block of the month introducing flags of the American Revolution.  I had purchased the pattern called Old Glory, a block of the month designed by Bears Paw Designs.  Most of us preferred this design so we went ahead and made it.  On the old pattern I have this is the email address that was listed on it.   The web site listed is www.bearspaw .com   I hope this helps.

The Green Mountain Boys Flag was the flag flown in 1777 by the green mountain boys of New Hampshire.  Thus the green flag with 13 stars signifying the unity of the 13 colonies in their struggle for independence.

The Guilford Flag of 1781, was raised over the Guilford courthouse in North Carolina on March 15, 1781 under the leadership of General Greene whose militiamen halted the British advance.  These stars are done in wool also.

The Appeal to Heaven Flag was used by George Washington on his squadron of 6 schooners.  It came about because the 'Sons of Liberty' would rally under a large tree in Boston which came to be known as 'The liberty Tree.'  Knowing they were up against a great military power they believed they were sustained by a still greater power.

The Fort Moultrie Flag of 1776 was used by South Carolina's militia defending Fort Moultrie in Charleston Harbor.

The Bennington Flag flew over military stores in Bennington, Vermont in August of 1777.  The American militia led by General John Stark defeated a large British raiding force, thus protecting the supplies.

The John Paul Jones flag were flown on his ships masthead, while he was creating havoc on the high seas with his raids on British Merchant Marine.

Now, the question that comes to mind is.....who made these flags?  Just as George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to make a flag, which women picked up needle and thread and made all of these individual flags.  I wish I knew that story behind the story of the various different flags.

"I didn't lose the gold.  I won the silver." -Michelle Kwan
It's all a matter of attitude isn't it?  Is the glass half full or half empty.

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  1. This collection of quilts is so nice. History told in fabric and thread. I think this would be a great Guild project. I am going to try to find the pattern you reference. Thank you for sharing.