Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Flags of the American Revolution

My label tells me that I made this quilt during 2007.  It was a fascinating journey.  There were several of us working on the same project......that always makes it fun.

I learned so much while working on this quilt.  I googled for information, and then recorded what I learned and placed a pocket on the back of the quilt to hold all of the info.  The Cambridge Flag is believed to be the first flag of the U.S Continental Army in Boston in 1776.

George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to make this flag.  It flew during the first year of the United States before the official flag came about.

This was the personal flag of the commander in chief during the revolutionary war.  The quilt is appliqued using cotton, with the exceptional of these stars which I did in wool.

This flag originated with the battle of Bunker Hill.  On the night of June 16 - 17, 1775, the American's fortified Breed's and Bunker hills overlooking Boston harbor.  When the British advanced up the slope the next day they saw this flag flying.

Don't Tread On Me.  This was the first navy flag of 1775 depicting the colonist's courage and fierce desire for independence.

I just completed reading the novel called, Americas first daughter.  It is about Thomas Jefferson's life, as told by his daughter Martha.  I enjoyed it very much and feel like I learned a great deal from reading it.  This is perhaps what inspired me to bring out this quilt and to share it with you.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Seize the Day! :-)


  1. Love the quilt! Is the pattern still available?

  2. This is a great historical quilt. Perfect for an election year.

  3. Thank you for this interesting post. I didnt know that your country had all thèse flags before. And your quilt is very beautiful. Have a nice day.

  4. Love your version, someday I want to make this quilt too! American History is a good study!! We are blessed!

  5. I love this quilt! where can I get the pattern? This would make a wonderful stitch-a-long!

  6. do you know whose pattern this is? would love to make the quilt. thanks for sharing it.

  7. Beautiful quilt! That must have been so much fun to make.

  8. I LOVE your version, and the embroidered names of the flags--I made this as a block of the month, by mail, so it was from the book. (Jan Patek) It is at the quilter's now being basted so I can hand quilt. It is so large I don't quite know what to do with it! Yours is such a usable size, and just gorgeous! Thanks for posting; I'm going to add the names of flags, if possible, after looking at yours!

  9. Jill Cox Kemp of Bears Paw Designs is the designer of this quilt, and she's on Facebook.