Monday, August 1, 2016

The hunt continues....

You just know we have big smiles as we think about our purchases!  And I have been directed by many of you in emails, about further adventure that awaits us......friends helping friends enjoying the journey called life!  Thank you!

More from our marvelous day at Summers Past.

What a lovely place to find a spot tucked in amongst the flowers to read or to sketch something inspiring.......better not omit stitching.  Today would have been a good day to just people watch, I like that too!

A great idea for a shabby chic' table.  I'm certainly in my happy place when I see things repurposed and turn out looking so fine!

Now, for my exciting purchase!  This quilt is in excellent condition.  The person selling this heirloom, certainly did not value what she needed rescuing!   

There were hours and hours of hand quilting that went into this labor of love.  I did not need another quilt, but it needed to loved and appreciated in memory of the maker.

Gertrude Smith completed this quilt December 8th, years after I was born.  Oh! dear......does that make me an antique too?!

This is another quilt which needed to be rescued and cared for.  It is also in perfect condition and hand quilted.

I think this quilt is probably older.  I love the bold red and black striped fabric.  Their is no label or information about this quilt.  A reminder to add a label to your quilts! 

Only lessons, no to be able to learn the lesson the first time around, so as not to have to repeat the lesson!

I have some happy news to report.  Grandpa is 88 years old today and is back in his home after successfully completing rehab.  Family is arriving and we will have a week of celebration.


  1. What fun!! Love your quilt purchases. What a lovely place to visit.

  2. Love your two quilts and the Queen Anne's Lace and dried lavender! I also like the window made into a table; a smaller one would be a great coffee or side table.