Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A great day sewing........

......Only quilters understand that statement!  And to make things even better, hubby is in the kitchen working on dinner, corn chowder to be exact.  I imagine most of you have figured out that I type my post the evening before the day to be published.  So that is what I'm focusing on while I smell the bacon cooking and here the vegetable being chopped.  All is well here at home.

I am now in the final stages of the border, on the quilt I've been creating for the past while.  Now that my shoulder is getting better, I'm able to spend more time in my messy sewing room.  I'm certain you can see here what I've done.  I've put two of the blocks together, making the quarter circles brown and placing them side by side to create a flower pot.  Where the stems meet the pot, I've added the little striped rim to the pot.  This quilt has been a joy to create and is very easy to do.  I'm making the border uncomplicated as well.  If any one has strip pieced before, know just how easy it is, and very forgiving.

Onward with the quilt show.  It's been an such fun for me to rewind my experience back to the International Quilt Show and review all these pictures with you.

I love everything about this quilt.  Especially the colors, but I love that all of the backgrounds are different.

Homeward Bound has been made by a very special lady and friend.  You will see many of her designs in The Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.

This antique quilt has inspired me for years.  The original is found in many of my antique quilt books.

Yes, they would definitely approve, as do all of the rest of us!

Dramatic set on a black background.

Folk Art Blooms by Buggy Barn.  The quilt is gorgeous and I've admired this one for quite a while too.

Stars and more stars with an interesting center.

The simple embellishment which has been added to the flowers is lovely.

Randy McCarty met the challenge in a spectacular way!

Oh Yes, my heart skipped a beat when I turned the corner and saw How Does Your Garden Grow?  One of my favorite things about this design is the message to live gently upon the earth!

And, we're always happy when someone has an amazing experience with a pattern. :-)

Wow! Wool applique, and notice how interesting the quilting is.

Autumn Sharon.

Oh My!  What a bunch of little berries to stitch, but aren't they just perfect for setting off this hexagon quilt.

I just adore this little basket on the border, and I love the stripe for the border.

What a special treat that Debbie had a label designed by the designer, Di Ford- Hall.

Bird Song has been on my favorites list for awhile also.

I have long enjoyed Jan Patek's folk art style.  She is one of the best.

What a gorgeous combination with the Diawabo backgrounds with the wool applique.  In place of Diawabo, I often substitute the Diamond Textiles which have the same texture and feel, and they are readily prevalent here in the U.S.

Blackbird Designs make absolutely the best birds!  I have long admired all of their designs.  There just not enough time to make all of the quilts I have wanted to make.

"Nothing is ever lost by courtesy.  It is the cheapest of pleasures, costs nothing and conveys much."  Erastus Winnman


  1. I must have missed the post as to what happened to your shoulder but glad it is healing. I have to have shoulder surgery in two weeks and am scared to death! I have heard shoulder pain is horrible so not looking forward to this! Love your blog!!

  2. Fun treat seeing all these quilts from the International Quilt show. I love that Birdsong especially :-)

  3. SEW many of these beauties are on my Bucket List! Got to get busy!!!! Thanks for the eye candy!