Friday, March 10, 2017

Finishing with the .....

....antiquing.  More temptations just begging to find a home.

I really like this quilt pattern.  I'm not certain as to what the pattern name is.

On close inspection it looks to be hand pieced.

This quilt looks as if it were made to keep somebody warm.  Bruce and I slept on his uncles porch in late autumn once upon a time, and we had heavy quilts like this to keep us warm, but there was a problem......our toes ached just holding up the quilt! :-)

An old sewing machine.....

....a brand I did not recognize.

A wagon seat......I wish it could tell stories of those who sat on it and where their travels took them.

A Shoo Fly pattern in need of repair....I love the fabrics.

This one is just the quilt top.

I am not familiar with this quilt pattern.  It is made with squares and half square triangles......I like it.

Home Arts.....I love the sound of that! :-)

I typed on something similar......oh my.....I just dated myself!

Remember, we visited here in early Fall.  The glorious array of gorgeous mums, was outside an Amish grocery store.  If you've never had the privilege of shopping at one, You have no idea of what you've missed!

Blue Hubbard squash.....these are my favorites.

What a feast for the eyes!

Autumn finery!

Jeanna Kimble shared this in honor of women's day.  I decided it needed to be shared once again.  "The chief figure of the American West, the figure of the age, is not the long haired, fringed - leggin man riding a raw boned pine.  It is the gaunt and sad faced woman sitting in the front seat of the wagon following her lord wherever he might lead, her face hidden in the same ragged sunbonnet which has crossed the Appalachians and the Missouri long before.  That was America my brethren.  There was the seed of America's wealth, the woman in the sunbonnet; and not after all the hero with the rifle across his saddle horse."  - Milo M. Quaife


  1. I have enjoyed your posts from Iowa..I live in Iowa but in Western Iowa and I don't get to Eastern Iowa very often so it was fun to see where you visited. I hope you will come back soon..

  2. Love your photo tour! I may be incorrect but I think the Domestic sewing machine was the forerunner of the Singer Featherweight. (?)

  3. I too love blue Hubbard squash! It makes the best pies!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Love your posts re: your travels.