Thursday, May 25, 2017

Busy Gardening.....

.......Bruce and I have been busily trying to catch up with the gardening which has been neglected......thus I went to bed tired and without posting yesterdays blog...Sorry!

I've also been busy pulling out all the stops to celebrate love of country and all things patriotic!  I have a perfectly shady place to hang this banner.  The first person to email me with their address will receive this pattern free.

Patriotic Table Runner.

Flag Day.

Garden Angel.

This Is My Country.

Friends we met from Spain.....we shared a table together for a dinner which Quilt Mania hosted.  It certainly would be lovely to meet again!

In line for the buffet dinner.

I want to share some of the great booths for shopping at the exposition.  This booth was hosted by two women from The Netherlands.

Diamond Textile fabrics are also in great demand in Europe.

An amazing booth of ribbons and all types of trims.

I purchased some of these plastic template for English paper piecing.  I'm presently working on some stars using them.

 A gorgeous quilt in the background.


One of each please!

"A man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."  - William Faulkner

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