Friday, September 22, 2017

There are so many amazing benefits....... teaching.  Let me count the ways!  First of all it is always the warm and generous nature of quilters.  It is inspiring to become briefly acquainted with those with common interests.  I am always reminded that the world is full of perfectly lovely people!  I think back to all of the amazing people Which Bruce and I met while visiting in France, and they represented many different countries.  When asked what our favorite thing was in France, we were happy to answer...."Why, the people of course."  I love to focus on all of the goodness in the world, as it helps me to be hopeful and find joy in the journey.  My daughter Katrina often will say to me, "Mom we're at the dance"!  In other words we can't let life pass us by.

I discovered what a truly lovely lady Pam Buda is.  She lives in Illinois and came to the retreat that I attended at Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Oh Yes, I'm back in Missouri at the Primitives of the Midwest, and Pam taught 2 classes, introducing 2 of her designs. Pam designs under the name Heartspun Quilts.  She introduced her designs with the option to make the quilt with small pieces or a bit larger.  They were both beautiful.

An example of one of her labels.

Then there was SWEET Carrie Nelson, Miss Rosie's Designs.  Carrie taught these 2 pieced pillow designs.  They were exquisite.  Carrie also works for Moda.

Just a whole lot of patchy goodness!

I am not good with names, but this was a warm, sweet lady from the Bay area in California.  She and her equally sweet friend were in one of my classes.  I was so pleased to have met them and to be influenced by their kind and generous spirit.  She had made another of the teachers whom I met for the first time, Shawn Williams, design, shown here on this bag.  Her company is, Threads That Bind.  Shawn taught needle punch.

This was a darling display at the shop.

Our lunches everyday were scrumptious!  We were well taken care of.

One of the ladies who attended the retreat was from New Jersey, and this was the needle keep which she had made, and a little scissors holder.

Just so sweet!  Seeing the amazing things people make, simply makes my heart sing!  I am so fortunate and blessed.  I've been sewing most of the day and in the quietness I  have been recalling and counting my many blessings.

I guess I was teaching and did not get photos of the other talented teachers.  Dawn Shuck, of Sew Cherished and from Missouri, and Lori Kabot of Lily Anna Stitches and from Wisconsin, also were teachers.  Their projects centered around wool.  I took a class from Lori.  I made a little Christmas decoration that I will show you when it is finished.  Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird designs arrived the last day and taught a beautiful counted cross stitch design.  After recalling this event, my cup was full and running over!

"Its not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."
-Lena Horne

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  1. Your blog is a blessing to me today, thank you so much! Loved it all, and the lemon bars!!! Bless You!!!