Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Revolving Doors....

Today our friends from Oregon will be stopping by to spend the night.  We are looking forward to catching up and having a good visit.  Then tomorrow morning I go to the airport to pick up Julie.  She is coming to go to the retreat in Nebraska with much to look forward to.

Polka Dot fresh and sweet.

Laurie has used big stitch quilting.

Named La Playa, I find this quilt to be exceptionally delightful.  I was pleased to meet Laurie and Polly in France.

I did not get information on this modern quilt......but I like it.

I am just salivating looking at these bread sticks!  Not far from the museum is Valentino's, a great Italian restaurant.  We will be heading back there when we get back to Lincoln.  In fact we have an occasion that is planned at the museum and Valentino's is catering it....:-)!

This is the pasta dish we ordered.....we decided right then and there, that we would be splitting it next time.  This particular dish was recommended by our waitress.  We were happy that we took her advise.

"Follow the grain in your own wood."  -Howard Thurman

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