Friday, March 2, 2018

An awareness of life's blessings.....

......definitely contributes to perfect days!  One of my blessings is my friend Shanna who went with me today to Midway, Utah.  For those of you not familiar with Midway, it is a picturesque little mountain town where I went to teach a quilt class at a retreat being held there.  Shanna, had a birthday and I asked her to ride with me so that we could go to lunch and celebrate the occasion before I was scheduled to teach my class.  Over lunch we recalled many past memories, and realized that we had shared our friendship for 40 years.

This is the class I taught today at the retreat.  What a pleasure it is to work with such fun and appreciative women.....besides it is such a joy to work with wool.

Now we go back to our little quilt group that met.  Diane shared these beach bags she is making for her girls to replace Easter baskets......clever and fun!

Gaylyn does such a great job of decorating with quilts.

Evidence of a quilter living here.

Her quilts had so much beauty and warmth to her home.

"Someday never has been and never will be a day of the week.  Erase it from your vocabulary and get busy." -Ben Behunin.
Someone asked about the pattern for the circle quilt with petals that we are working on in our quilt group.  It will be a pattern that will become available in the near future.  I just need to get serious and get it finished!  Someone else asked about the dimensions for the house quilt.  My friend  Leslie and I figured out dimensions that will work for the house, and I will share them with you on the next blog.  I believe there is a printed pattern for it somewhere, but that is not what we used.


  1. I think the house quilt pattern is called Village by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.

  2. Gaylyn's house looks so warm with so many beautiful quilts decorating it. Great quote about "some day".

  3. Thank you to whomever asked the questions I didn't. I've watched your petal quilt grow, and become more determined to have one of my own. As for the houses, I think I need that quilt hanging on my rack in my dining room quilted with all the addresses we have had in 40+ years. Thank you for such great eye candy and inspiration. Enjoy your weekend.