Saturday, April 21, 2018

About Bloggging....

I have been asked numerous times, by numerous people, about how I got started blogging.  It began about 5 years ago, and I've been mainly blogging ever since.  A very special friend helped me set it up and get started.  I am not savvy at this sort of thing, but new I wanted to share my love of quilting with other quilters.  I also felt I wanted to send good things out into the world......thus my thought for each day that I write.  These thoughts are first and for most for me to consider for myself for daily living.  I have continues writing because of all of the encouragement and appreciation I receive from my readers.  I've received emails and phone calls from those who say my blog has helped them get through difficult times.  I feel a real connection and kinship to many of you.  I have received back more than I have ever given.

Coming up in May, I will be travelling to Grand Rapids, Michigan to share my love of quilting with the guild there.  I love these times when I connect with like minded quilters from around the country.  If you are reading this and you are in the area, I'd love to meet with you.  I will be doing a trunk show and teaching a couple of classes.

This new little quilt is growing.  I just have the bottom border to complete.  I just love this ideal of having peace and an awareness that I also have plenty.  And because I do, I'd like to be generous in sharing what I have.

Another exceptional quilt from the museum.

Isn't the hand quilting just phenomenal?

Kaye is a very talented local designer and quilter.

When we stood back and viewed this quilt, it seemed to us that there was a subtle design......especially in the center of the quilt.  Do you see it?

I part with this thought....Kindness is FREE!  Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.  This is something I saw on Pinterest and couldn't pass it up. Have a perfectly enjoyable week end.


  1. Hope to see you in Grand Rapids in May. So enjoy reading your blog. Working slowly on your Navajo Code Talker quilt with my stash of homespuns.

  2. I love your new Peace and Plenty quilt! I really like the shape of the baskets

  3. Yes, there is a subtle design that radiates out. Nice~

  4. The one patch --the last photo -- almost looks like a 9-patch in some places. Absolutely, yes, I can see the design in the center with the green 9-patch block. It looks very purposeful to me, though not obvious at first viewing.

  5. LOVEeeeeeee your Peace and Plenty quilt!!!

  6. Blogging is a wonderful way to share. Your blog brings beautiful quilts to me.

  7. Love your Peace and Plenty quilt!

  8. Wow, this post is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so
    I am going to tell her.

  9. I love your new Peace and Plenty quilt! I really like the shape of the baskets