Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Peace and Plenty......

...here abide, smiling sweet on every side.  Time doth sweetly, glide when there's love at home."  This is a line from a hymn which was sent to me by a friend, Bonnie miles. This is a familiar favorite hymn of Bonnie's which I was not familiar with.  I so appreciate that she shared that with me.  Progress on the quilt continues.

I try not to ever be political in my posts.  However, I want to share my admiration for Barbara Busch.  Bruce and I have read her Memoir, and we loved what we read.  I loved how real she was.  I believe this country is richer because of her influence.

This quilt top is a creative study in someone making do with the scraps in their stash!  It is the size of a soldiers quilt.

If I was in possession of the quilt top, I'd make time to hand quilt this treasure!

Piecing pieces in making do....I'm in love with this quilt top!

Here we see a sort of Ohio Star.....who worries about those points!!!!

Here the pin wheel is the block of the moment.....:-) and some more piecing make do.

Why not add some bright orange to add a little punch!  A mixture of 4 patches and 9 patches.....thinking outside the box.

This little patched corner is cause for celebration!

All of the quilts at the museum were marvelous, but this one spoke loud and clear to me!

A crazy quilt that could be studied for some time.  All sorts of little niceties endeavoring to create something of beauty.

A good man indeed!

"Be kind to others without reason.  The world needs more of this."  -unknown


  1. So, I've never heard of a "Soldier's quilt
    before. What size was it and why?

  2. Two quilts worth a closer look, and for very different reasons. Thanks for the close ups.

  3. I loved how real she was too Norma. I really enjoyed the tributes this weekend. What a legacy. You too are a bright spot in the world.

  4. I live in Houston and we adored her here! So sad to hear she passed. What a great lady!