Wednesday, April 25, 2018

About Soldiers Quilt.....

Someone asked about a soldiers quilt.  They were popular during the Civil War.  They were long and narrow, to be rolled up in their pack.  Barbara Brackman has written about this.  Taken from her book, Quilts From the Civil War, she writes; "When the war began in April, 1861, the armies were ill prepared.  Regiments often required that soldiers supply their own guns, uniforms, and bedding.  Many men caught the train to battle with a valued patchwork quilt or one quickly made to accommodate."  This is a poem which was also a song, called...

 Take your gun and go, John
"The army's short of blankets, John,
Then take this heavy pair.
I spun and wove them when a girl
And work'd them with great care,
A rose in every corner, John,
And here's my name, you see!
On the cold ground they'll warmer feel
Because they're made by me."

Our son in law, Jess, takes all of the photo's of my quilts, and does the work as a gift to me.  I love and appreciate him for this, but it is just the tip of his generous spirit.  It was our pleasure to have he and Katrina join us for dinner last evening.  I have to say I am over cooking!  It is an art I used to enjoy and still do on occasion.  However, I love food that someone else prepares.

Katrina's entre'.....absolutely fabulous.

Jess chose a pizza.  Exceptional!  The ball of cheese, which is made in the restaurant, is called Burrata.
 It is creamy and divine.  Jess added fresh arugula to his.

Chicken with fresh spinach on the side.

And my margarita pizza......unbelievable!  I think pizza is only as good as the crust, and this crust was perfectly amazing.....and the best part, I brought half of it home!

Here is Peace and Plenty ready for the magic of the quilter.

Today a group of quilting friends met at my house.  Leslie share her Dear Jane quilt.  And best of all, she is 3/4 of the way in the hand quilting of it.  What a treasure.

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars.  You have to let go at some point in order to move forward."
-C.S. Lewis


  1. WOW!! That DJ is gorgeous!! I finished putting mine together years ago and had it basted thinking I'd handquilt. HA!! Not even sure where it is right now. ugh

  2. I love your Peace and Plenty quilt. The quote at the end of your post spoke to me. In 4 months last year I lost 3 family members-a brother, an aunt who was a sister to me, and my dad. I did have to come out of the fog to go forward

  3. I too love the Peace and Plenty quilt, along with Leslie's DJ. What a beautiful job she is doing with the quilting.
    The C.S. Lewis quote is a keeper. I think I'll put it up to remind me. Sometimes an old piece of wisdom is just what we need.