Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making Kits........

today!  I sold out of many things while visiting in Michigan, so today was a kit making day.  This is something I enjoy doing, but I'll be back to stitching tomorrow.  I've just about completed the stitching on the wool for a new project which I will be teaching at Quilter's Station, in Lee's Summit, Mo.  This is a really fun retreat, so check it out on their web site.

This is the next shop we visited.

Blocks from Ohio, dated 1890.

This was an interesting quilt, except for the puffy fat bat.

Many quilt tops...….but I'd have loved to bring that basket home.

Another set of blocks.  That muslin is just begging for some amazing hand quilting!

Blocks already quilted.

More quilt blocks dating 1890.

There were bunches of quilts, but many were in stacks.  Since I was not a serious shopper, I didn't feel that I could look through them.

Isn't this a lovely hand quilted piece.  An unusual pattern.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love log cabin quilts?!

How I love old traditional quilts. This Amish hexagon quilt was a beauty.

Yes, they certainly do.  I guess that is part of the reason my days tend to fly by...…. I enjoy my pleasant days working with fabric and being creative!!

"Think of life as a school for your soul.  You are hear to learn in perfect well being.  Here's a tip for life's pop quizzed:  Instead of asking why something happened, ask instead, what can I learn?  For extra credit, Ask and how may I serve?" -Jackson Kiddard 

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