Thursday, June 21, 2018


I love it when my quilter friends share pictures with me.  Today I received 3 of them.

Nancy Frisch, sent me pictures of the blocks which she has started making from The Virginia Reel pattern. She has prepared the base of the blocks, getting ready to next applique the petal on. She happily shared that she is having a fun time going through old fabrics.  Notice how the center of the blocks don't all come to the same point, I say in the pattern not to worry about this, because when you sew on the petals that is all covered.  You just need to determine where the center is and mark it and add the petals with that in mind.  This is a very forgiving pattern.  Of course I recognize many of Nancy's fabrics, and there are those I covet!

Karen Adler, who works at Grand Country in San Marcos, California, shared her Summer days.  A totally different version of the original, but she had the vision to see another alternative.

My sweet friend Suzzane Jarvis, also from California, found this design of mine hanging in a shop in Wisconsin, called Ye Olde Country School House.  When I see my designs in shops that I've never even visited, I'm quite pleased.  Now this is a shop that I need to visit. 

And then Suzanne, found Yes We Can, at a quilt shop in Oswego, Illinois.  The shop is called Prairie Stitches.

Just had to share Leslie's Holly Hocks.  One of my favorite blooms.

They are so old fashioned.

A few more pictures from more shops that we wandered through in Shipshawana.  Really a fun little town.

I grew up washing with a wringer washer very similar to this one.  I'm really dating myself.  A whole new world opened up to me when I left the farm and moved into a dorm at college.

I was smitten with this smiling flying pig. Such a happy face.

And I love these boxes...….think of all of the things you could organize and store in them.

I found this item interesting.

Here is another box organizer...….and I love things that are caned.

A glimpse of a passing buggy.

"The world is a great mirror.  It reflects back to you what you are.  If you are loving, if you are friendly, If you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you.  The world is what you are."
-Thomas Dreier

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