Thursday, June 28, 2018

What a lot of business

….too much going on for the lazy days I'd imagined with summer.  I taught a quilt class on Monday evening, on Tuesday morning our little friends quilt group gathered, then on Tuesday afternoon we moved Bruce's dear dad into assisted living.  The aging process is catching up on his independence.  I think he will be happy and content in his new home.  That brings us to today.  I've started out my morning with my hour of reading and quietness, which is my morning treat, along with my cup of morning coffee and one of Leslie's homemade blueberry scones......just lovely!  Now, I plan on preparing for tonight class, and start cutting kits for the porch quilt.  I love my days in my sewing room and working with fabric and avoiding the heat.

Leslie, has been busily making her hand pieced 3 inch stars.  She has been averaging 2 per day.  This will be fabulous and her hand quilting will show up beautifully on the plain alternate block.

Only Leslie, Diane and I were able to meet yesterday.  This is Diane's Steam Punk, quilted and ready to bind.

Such a plethora of interesting fabrics.

I have recently finished this novel shared with me by a friend.  I enjoyed it immensely!

Now I'm back at the Iowa Quilt Museum and Victoria Findlay Wolfe's trunk show  I think this was one of my favorite.

I too am just a farm girl living in a city.  In common I too am a denim and plaid sort of girl, without the diamonds...….an I am in love with tradition, but also have an appreciation for the contemporary quilts.

I fell in love with all of the circles gathered on the outside of this quilt.  Another of my favorites.

Traditional designs goes modern!

The order and tradition in me was hooked by this design.

Perfection, I could not find the mistake.....Let me if you do?  I basically maintain that perfection is over rated anyway!

"Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.  This is serendipity"
-Lawrence Block


  1. In the bottom row, second star from the left, the coloured hst’s face in towards the star, instead of away from the star ... not that there’s anything wrong with that ... LOL. I love this quilt!

  2. Hi Norma, I think it’s the half square triangles around the star on the bottom, second from the left.

  3. And the half square triangles on the very top left of the quilt border.

  4. I found two 'mistakes' after much looking. The 5 border hst's at the top left are facing in the opposite direction to the rest. Also the second star from the left in the bottom row is surrounded by hst's that are oriented differently than they are in the other blocks. Mistakes maybe, but they add a quirkiness that makes the quilt interesting.