Tuesday, July 3, 2018

In love with life.......

I've decided that one's joy in life increases when not tuned into the incivility that makes up our news.  I have felt burdened with all of the hardship  and the grief and suffering that seems to be so prevalent in the news, and the world in general.  I need to protect my space and surroundings, as that is the only thing I have any power over.  Instead I want to focus on spreading joy, light, and an upbeat attitude.  All is lost when we quit being hopeful!  Now that I've said my piece, I'll share a few more quilts with you.  We will just continue to be 'peicemakers' and find joy in creating!!!

Do you remember me saying yesterday, what a pretty town Winterset is?  This is the town square located directly across the street from the Quilt Museum.  The brick walkway is very charming.

These are the quilts that were layered on the bed.  I really like this particular quilt, especially the use of the stripes.

Notice the corn stalk along the right side of this interesting quilt.

Chicken Soup.....Loved this one too!

Overlooking the bottom gallery floor from the upstairs balcony, where the bed quilts were located.  A beautiful building chosen for the museum.

An interesting looking store.  Liked the sign over the door asking, "Where the heck is easy street?"

This was in the window of the quilt shop near by.  It looks like they've been active in making Quilts of Valor.

There was a lovely park near the one edge of this charming little Midwest town...…...and it is home to this covered bridge.  Winterset is in Madison County and their famous covered bridges.
When our children were young, I traveled from Utah to Iowa and Minnesota every summer, so that they could spend time with my family located there.  On one trip we ventured around the county checking out the covered bridges. This is a memory I reminisced with my son in Ohio recently.

Beautiful park and incredibly green country side.

"The person you will be in five years depends largely on the information you feed your mind on today.  Be picky about the books you read, the people you spend time with and the conversations you engage in." -Ruben Chavez


  1. When I watch the news I often wonder, "Is there anything good going on in the world at all?"... I also find it sad that only negative is "newsworthy"... I see good in my life everyday... Maybe we should create a news channel that reports ONLY the good? :-)
    Is that covered bridge leaning that much, or is it an optical illusion? Such pretty landscape out your way.

  2. What beautiful and unusual quilts! You have found some real treasures to inspire us with.

  3. I liked the quote so much, I had to go see who Ruben Chavez is. This is a sentiment that I have always told my daughter and my grandsons. Covered Bridges and Round Barns are always endearing.
    xx, Carol

  4. I spent a day in Winterset 2 years ago and fell in love with the town. Loved the museum, the shops, and the restaurant where we ate (the one Clint Eastwood ate when he was making The Bridges of Madison County). Would love to go back. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.